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Wizard's of the Coast
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How to sell cards to



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We are currently buying cards from these sets:


Aether Revolt


Eternal Masters

Hour of Devastation

Iconic Masters



Modern Masters

Modern Masters 2015

Modern Masters 2017


For all other sets please inquire in store.


We are only buying english cards at present.  Any foreign language cards received will either be heavily discounted on your notification e-mail or returned to you at your expense.

Our card condition grading scale can be found here.


  1. Find and select the cards you wish to sell by using the search field at the top of the page or by browsing Magic Singles via the link under Buylist to the left.
  2. When finished adding cards, or to modify cards or quantities currently entered, select [Submit Buylist] in the header at the top of the page or [Checkout] in the body of the current page.
  3. Enter the method in which you would like to receive payment for your cards and follow the system prompts to complete your sell order.
  4. Await receipt of a confirmation e-mail.  Do not send us your cards until you receive this e-mail and have read it carefully; we review all buylists after successful submission to ensure we want to buy everything at the prices listed and, therefore, it's may see changes to your submitted buylist.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this step, please e-mail
  5. Please ensure you sort and mail your cards in the exact order as found on your confirmation e-mail.  This simple step will assist us greatly in processing the cards when they arrive and thus forwarding your payment as soon as possible.  If your order is not sorted when we receive it, depending on it's size, you can expect a delay in processing and possibly the addition of a sorting fee.  We will notify you of any additional fees prior to payment.
  6. Carefully and securely package your cards and then mail them to our retail location:

    Comic Book Addiction
    Attn:  Magic Singles Buyer
    1022 Brock Street S.
    Whitby, ON, Canada
    L1N 4L8

    To mitigate damage of your cards while they are in transit, we recommend you put them in plastic card cases or card boxes and take measures to ensure the cards do not become loose.  As we are not responsible for any lost packages and, while occurring rarely, an item may get lost in the mail, we highly recommend you purchase tracking and insurance.
  7. We will notify you by e-mail once your order has been received and processed.  This e-mail will advise of any change to the final value of your cards based on our grading.  Where a change to the final value is present, you will have 2 business days to request any cards be returned to you at your expense.  After that time, or if there was no value change, we will promptly forward you your payment via the method you chose during checkout.
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